Prefabrication Service

We offer a prefabrication service that not only reduces waste and contributes to site safety, but also provides cost effective solutions manufactured to factory tolerances.

voestalpine Metsec offers a comprehensive prefabrication service ranging from simple cut lengths of channel to complex frames and brackets.

Cut-to-length service

Dedicated machine time is allowed daily for 41 x 41mm channel for pre galvanised, post hot dip galvanised and stainless steel finishes.

The voestalpine Metsec sales office produces Kanbans and the work is scheduled at point of order without the need to consult with production.

Other channel sizes can be scheduled into normal production cycles.

Prefabricated frames

Both flat frames and three dimensional frames can be prefabricated in either all bolted or all welded construction. Part bolted and part welded frames can alsobe accommodated, particularly when parts need to be removed to allow access for cable runs.

voestalpine Metsec can also build in cable tray, cable ladder and cable trunking within the frames for a complete modular solution.

Prefabrication offsite allows the work to be produced to factory tolerances with little to no waste leaving sites uncluttered and a safer environment.

Optimising design and assembly

By providing basic drawings, M & E contractors can benefit from voestalpine Metsec’s expertise in determining where support systems can be pre fabricated. This is then converted to a CAD drawing identifying areas that can be provided as a frame, with the balance in cut lengths to complete the kit.

Once an order is placed, voestalpine Metsec will attend a precommencement meeting to schedule the delivery requirements and agree any outstanding technical details, including vehicle restrictions and packing requirements.

For bolted frames, all connections are torqued to the appropriate level and passed off by the quality department.

Less complex assemblies can be supplied against an approved drawing for manufacture and delivered against a call off order scheduled to meet the project requirements. This can be particularly advantageous when there are space restrictions on site for both storage and installation