How Can Metsec Help?

  • voestalpine Metsec is the first cold roll forming company to be certified to BIM Level 2 by the BSI. (PAS 1192-2:2013 – Specification for information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using Building Information Modelling)
  • First Tier 2 Designer and Manufacturer complying with BIM Level 2 for Design & Construction in the UK
  • We have the ability to model and fully detail in 2D and 3D
  • voestalpine Metsec provide product data in COBie UK-2012 Information Exchange File Format and IFC Open Exchange Format
  • Collaboration & Sharing—able to share our design information with the construction team to ensure the client receives the best performance, quality and value for money
  • Able to engage early on in project life cycle to maximise benefits of BIM
  • voestalpine Metsec are heavily involved in the development of BIM solutions helping steer as seamless a transition as possible to full BIM


Metsec BIM Guidance APPLICATION/PDF | 3 MB