Cable trunking reducers are available in sizes from 225mm x 225mm to 50mm x 50mm.

Lids are attached by turnbuckle fixings, with screwfix and tamperproof fixings also available.

Materials and finishes available are mild steel pre galvanised as standard and powder coated to order.


Fixing Options

  • Turnbuckle type e.g. TTR/100/100/TO/050/050/PG
  • Screwfix type – add “S” after the first T
    e.g. TSTR/100/100/TO/050/050/PG
  • Tamperproof type – add “M” after the first T
    e.g. TMTR/100/100/TO/050/050/PG3
Width 1 (mm) Width 2 (mm)
50 x 50mm 75 x 75mm 100 x 100mm 150 x 150mm
75 x 75 TTR/075/075/TO/​050/050/PG N/A N/A N/A
100 x 100 TTR/100/100/TO/​050/050/PG TTR/100/100/TO/​075/075/PG N/A N/A
150 x 150 TTR/150/150/TO/​050/050/PG TTR/150/150/TO/​075/075/PG TTR/150/150/TO/​100/100/PG N/A
225 x 225 TTR/225/225/TO/​050/050/PG TTR/225/225/TO/​075/075/PG TTR/225/225/TO/​100/100/PG TTR/225/225/TO/​150/150/PG