Metsec Opportunities

Metsec Puts Opportunities in the Frame

Metframe, the pre-panellised structural steel system from the leading supplier of cold rolled steel framing systems, Metsec, offers engineers and contractors a wealth of opportunities. The system is not only BIM part II compliant, it also has European Technical Assessment (ETA) status and carries CE marking.

While CE marking for structural steel is not legally demanded until 1st July 2014, Metsec has ensured all its products, including the innovative Metframe system, already comply with the cut off date under the Construction Products Regulation 2011. Metframe has been tested to European performance standards, so carries an ETA and therefore the right to a CE mark.

Metsec also provides a full suite of BIM details for Metframe, so engineers and contractors can provide the right information required for a BIM model, helping them to collaborate on the building design intent.

This all means that Metframe embodies the latest legislative requirements, modern standards and technical support demanded from a pre-panellised structural system. Roy Burns, Managing Director for Metsec Framing, knows Meframe holds multiple benefits for engineers and contractors:

“As new opportunities present themselves it is good to know that engineers and contractors can turn to support from a supplier they know and trust. For those working on larger projects where BIM is most likely to be required, and even across Europe, the Metframe system provides a cost effective, technically viable solution and enables collaboration between all parties. By underpinning our innovative approach to steel construction with technical excellence, Metsec is working hard to help its customers open up new opportunities,” he said.

Used to provide the load bearing structure for low to medium rise buildings, Metframe studs are bolted together offsite to form panels. This system allows for the creation of bespoke, multi-storey building designs that can form architectural elements such as pitched, dormer or flat roofs, balconies and cantilevers. Because the system can incorporate either joisted or concrete floors, the end result is a building that can be erected quickly, providing very high levels of acoustic performance as well as fire protection.