What is Metframe?

Metframe is a modern off-site pre-panelised framing solution with a traditional feel. Formed in panels fabricated off-site, the ability for Metframe to bring factory achievable tolerances to a site-based environment is a benefit that has been embraced across the country. Speed, sustainability, flexibility, quality and technical knowledge are just some of Metframe’s benefits which has … Read more

Vibrant waterfront development

The £215 million waterfront development at Millbay in Plymouth is transforming what was once an unused docklands area into a vibrant waterside community, by bringing together some 140,000 square metres of housing, workspace, retail and leisure accommodation. Steeped in maritime history, the heritage of the wider Millbay area can be traced back to the 12th … Read more

Metframe 3D Details

Underlining its commitment to making the design process as efficient and collaborative as possible, voestalpine Metsec has created a new facility on its website which will allow the design, construction and installation team to more easily understand and incorporate popular, standard construction details for the company’s pre-panelised building system, Metframe. Sixty interactive 3-dimensional models have … Read more

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