Load Tables

The load tables are the result of extensive design and testing using the facilities and skills of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Strathclyde.


The performance of the systems shown in this document has been derived by calculation in accordance with BS EN1993-1-3: 2006, calibrated and proven by full scale tests. Purlin load tables are valid up to and including 25° roof slopes. For slopes greater than 25 °, use our MetSPEC design software. You can download our MetSPEC software from our downloads centre.

Download our purlin technical manual for more information.

Heavy End Bay Purlin System

Heavy End Bay Purlin System Load Table


Sleeved Purlin System Load Table

Butt Purlin System Load Table

Sleeved Side Rail System Load Table

Butt Side Rail System Load Table

voestalpine Metsec Eaves Beams Load Table

Eaves Beams Load Table