High frequency induction welding allows us to produce an irregular or regular shaped tube with a flat, almost invisible, weld seam and a joint that is actually stronger than the parent material and are suitable for safety critical applications. Material thicknesses from 2mm – 6mm can be used and the welding process can also be combined with in-line piercing, if desired.

Unique to Metsec within the UK high frequency induction welding uses electromagnetic induction to heat the parent materials during the manufacturing process. While still ductile the weld seam is scarfed to remove excess material and unwanted burrs to create a uniform, flat and clean weld seam.

Weld integrity is verified using in-line eddy current testing, as part of our comprehensive quality assurance procedures.

The ability to manufacture a high quality, safety critical, welded product, offers designers a solution to create the perfect profile shape for their end product. This allows the development of real market winning solutions.

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