In addition to the profile manipulation service, we also offer a range of additional processes to enable us to provide a finished item, and remove the need for you to carry out secondary processes.

From drilling to laser profiling, the range of processes we offer is shown below:


For components where standard holes are required drilling and punching is the simplest operation. For more complex holes patterns automatic drill rigs and laser processes can be developed in-house.

Where the tolerances are critical and concentricity of the hole or holes is a key factor in the process, rotor broaches can be used to produce a quality finish. Again this can be a singular manual process or built into an automated jig for more complex developments.




weldingWelding & Fabrication

Fabrications and production of sub-assemblies consisting of manipulated or straight parts is a fundamental part of day to day supply chain. Dedicated fabrication cells have been created to ensure that we can provide our customers with the most efficient and flexible service which can be tailored to the customer’s needs through a joint development process.

Complex fabrications can be developed and manufactured using dedicated jigs and tooling designed and produced in house by our technical department, this attention to detail ensures that both quality and continuity from assembly to finished product meets the customers requirements and the highest quality standards.




cut to lengthCut to Length

To create accurate angles or high tolerance products during or after the forming or fabrication processes the Manipulation division has the capability through dedicated equipment to add specific cutting detail.

Through standard or bespoke jigs and fixtures either prototype parts or large batch volumes can be produced at the highest quality levels and tolerance standards with excellent repeatability.



laserLaser Profiling

Laser profiling has become an economical high tolerance controlled method of producing components where previously a number of machining operations would have been employed to achieve the same result. The Profile Manipulation Division utilises 5 axis and Flat Bed laser technology to allow our customers the flexibility to have high quality customised bespoke end conditions.

It also allows us to produce complex hole configurations on standard or complex manipulated components.

The specification of 3-Dimensional end cut conditions and complex hole configurations for ease of fabrication has seen the Metsec Profile Manipulation Division significantly increase the use of 5-Axis laser technology to provide complex component parts to our customers exacting requirements.