Storage revolution starts in the Midlands

Manufacture of StoreFloor, an innovative loft storage and insulation system from LoftZone which will revolutionise lofts across the UK, has started in the Midlands.

LoftZone StoreFloor

Manufacture of a revolutionary British-designed loft storage solution has started in the Midlands.

Metsec plc, the UK’s largest specialist cold roll-forming company, and leading injection moulding company, Rutland Plastics, have started production of the galvanised steel beams and plastic components for the ‘StoreFloor’ in Oldbury and Oakham respectively earlier this month.

StoreFloor is a solution to an important issue which many people do not know exists. Although many households have loft insulation installed, research reveals that 82 per cent of them also use their loft for storage without realising that compressing insulation, either by boarding or simply by placing items on top of it, reduces its effectiveness. Of the 23 million homes in the UK, 14 million have been insulated (source: The Department of Energy and Climate Change). But of those, around 11.5 million homes also use the loft for storage.

The remaining nine million homes have not been insulated adequately in the first place. Often homeowners show a reluctance to install installation even when this is subsidised, because they value storage more highly than insulation.

StoreFloor is an innovative loft storage system which allows a loft floor to be quickly and easily raised above the insulation, both protecting the insulation and providing a safe and secure platform for access and storage. It has been developed by LoftZone, a UK start-up company, supported by the Carbon Trust. LoftZone develops innovative products to improve the efficient use of loft spaces.

Dave Raval, chief executive of LoftZone, said: “StoreFloor will revolutionise lofts, providing one of the biggest ever incentives to improve the uptake of loft insulation, at only a small additional cost, and at the same time increasing the effectiveness of insulation.”

Stuart Lovett, marketing manager of Rutland Plastics, said: “We are proud to be working with LoftZone on this innovative approach to providing additional storage without compromising on insulation.”

David Bourne Metsec sales director, said: “StoreFloor is a truly innovative product, and is a simple solution to a problem which has existed for decades. It is a further demonstration of British ingenuity at its best, considering the competition we were particularly pleased to secure the contract to produce the cold rolled sections of StoreFloor.”



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