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Metframe is a pre-panelised system which is used to provide the load bearing structure for low to medium rise structures.

The system uses the studs in the same way as load bearing SFS, except they are bolted together off-site to form panels. The incorporation of heavier gauge studs and the bespoke designs allow structures to be constructed up to 15 storeys in height. Metframe structures can incorporate steel joisted or concrete floors, depending on the client’s requirements.

How does it work?

Due to these unprecedented times we are all having to find new ways of working.
To ensure we maintain our market leading position we are introducing Metsec Live Meeting.

Our digital and audio platform provides a safe place to share and discuss structural drawings, share screens, discuss the most complex issues, hold project meetings, hold remote site visits and more. This allows one-to-one remote meetings with an appropriate Metsec colleague.


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