Partitioning Systems

voestalpine Metsec manufacture a full range of dry lining metal profiles.

  • C Stud
  • Heavy Duty C stud
  • Acoustic Stud
  • I stud including Shaftwall and Independent wall lining
  • Wall Liner
  • Tracks – Standard, Deep and Extra Deep
  • Metal Furring ceilings including SMF5,SMF6a, SMF7 and angle
  • Floating Floor systems
  • Resilient (Acoustic separating) Bar
  • Angles and Channels

Thanks to extensive research and development with advanced manufacturing techniques voestalpine Metsec offer partitioning systems that conform to the latest British and European standards.

These systems have been independently tested with proprietary gypsum products, providing reassurance that our products meet the most stringent standards of rigidity, fire resistance, and acoustic requirements.

  • System Warranty available
  • BIM files available

Stud & Track

An economical friction-fit system to assemble frames for strong, compact, lightweight non load-bearing partitions. The metal stud partitioning is ideal for use in domestic and commercial situations, for heights up to 10m and a wide range of partition thicknesses. When installing you should ensure that electrical cables that pass through floor or ceiling are protected by grommets when installing studs. For fast and accurate installation we recommend use of an electrical or battery operated screw gun.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick to erect, lightweight and clean
  • Metal Stud is dimensionally accurate and will not twist or bow
  • Range of stud widths – 48mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 73mm, 92mm and 146mm to meet different performance requirements
  • Services are easy to install
  • Acoustic Insulation can easily be installed to upgrade sound insulation
  • Easy to cut to length using tin snips
  • Frames easily fit together
  • Door frames simply formed
  • Sight line in Studs for lining up with plasterboard
  • Range of UKAS accredited tests available for
    • Fire 30 -120 mins
    • Acoustics 37 – 70 dB (dependent on systems chosen)
    • Medium, Heavy and Severe Duty available
  • Stud and track formed from pre-galvanised mild steel to BS EN 10327:DX51


  • Residential – internal walls. Party walls with twin C and I stud sections to conform to Part E and Part B
  • Healthcare education to latest requirements
  • Student accommodation
  • Hotels
  • Education
  • Commercial
  • Retail

Shaft Encasement

A high performance fire protection system to enclose shafts in high rise buildings. Our Shaft Encasement System allows installation to take place from the landing side only. This system is non load bearing and designed to fit between structural floors.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and simple to erect
  • Cost effective
  • Good Impact resistance and stiffness
  • Lighter in weight than masonry
  • High level of Fire Protection
  • Allows any thickness of coreboard to be used

Acoustic Stud

A cost-effective way to achieve improved acoustic performance in both domestic and commercial situations our Acoustic Stud has built in discontinuity which results in improved sound insulation.

Acoustic Stud is designed to offer better sound insulation in the key speech frequency bands (250 to 1000 Hz) whilst maintaining structural strength and integrity.

This enables slimmer partitions to be constructed, maximising floor space but still satisfying high acoustic requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Ideal for domestic and commercial use
  • Range of stud widths – 70mm & 92mm
  • Reduced installation time
  • Slimmer partitions maximise floor space
  • Quieter living spaces
  • Greater sound insulating performance
  • Reduces the transfer of common noise

Column & Beam Encasement

A high performance fire protection system to enclose structural I type columns and beams. Our column & beam encasement system provides fire protection of up to 120 minutes.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast & simple method to clad structural beams and columns
  • Provides protection for 3 or 4 sided applications
  • High level of fire protection
  • No special installation techniques required
  • Cost effective