9th December 2013

BIM or Bust?

BIM seems here to stay but for many sub contractors and smaller operators in the industry its impact has created challenges. Here Roy Burns, Managing Director of light gauge steel framing manufacturer Metsec, identifies the...

Metsec Opportunities
13th November 2013

Metsec Puts Opportunities in the Frame

Metframe, the pre-panellised structural steel system from the leading supplier of cold rolled steel framing systems, Metsec, offers engineers and contractors a wealth of opportunities. The system is not only BIM part II compliant, it...

31st October 2013

Is BIM a Test of Mettle?

A recent survey found that 70% of engineers believe Building Information Modelling (BIM) presents a major obstacle to their business growth. As such there is nervousness as many stand back from embracing BIM. But as...

Cable Management Demand
25th October 2013

Cable Management That Caters for Demand

A well-designed cable distribution system has the potential to maintain the high performance of a circuit, contributing to its sustainability in the longer term. But what do contractors and specifiers want when it comes to...

Metsec Invests in BIM
18th October 2013

Metsec Invests in BIM

Visiting Metsec’s website, you are only one click away from learning all about building information modelling (BIM). Behind the new, dedicated BIM area on the cold rolled steel specialist’s website lies a profound understanding of...

Metsec Business
10th September 2013

Metsec Means Business

Metsec Cable Management produces cable ladder, tray and trunking solutions for the electrical contracting sector. Jon Hillier, Metsec Cable Management’s Sales Director, explains the recent changes within this division of the UK’s leading cold roll...

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