Introduction to Metsec Engineering Products


Metsec’s Engineering Products Division specialises in providing custom roll formed solutions for a wide variety of market sectors. Our service starts with design, working alongside our customers to develop the optimum solution, using the latest 3D printing technology to prototype the section. We also design and manufacture our roll tooling in house giving our manufacturing process greater flexibility.

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    Our cold roll forming process begins with coils of strip metal being loaded on to a decoiler. We are able to process materials in a variety of grades and finishes and thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 6mm. The strip metal is then fed through an entry guide and centrally aligned before it enters the looping pit. The looping pit acts as an accumulator for the strip when entering the press. Holes can then be punched in line if required. This removes the need for secondary processes saving time and delivering optimum value for our customers.

    After being fed through a second looping pit the strip passes through our forming rolls, which are precision set to gradually generate the desired profile shape. Step by step with every forming roll, the strip gradually forms to achieve the desired shape. If a closed profile is required our induction welding process provides an almost flat weld seam with strength superior to the yield of the parent material.

    Once the profile has been formed and welded it’s then fed through to our flying saw which cuts the profile to the required individual lengths. The profiles are then stacked together in bundles, ready to dispatch to our customers, or to be moved on for any further operations. If required we then begin any additional operations.

    To start with we can alter the shape of the profile through a number of processes including radius, mandrel and sweep bending. This allows us to customise profiles for a wide range of applications. In this example a profile for a roll over protection system is formed using five separate bends. After the profile has been manipulated to the specified shape we then begin the process of drilling additional holes and carrying out any necessary laser procedures.

    Once all bending and secondary operations have been completed the remaining seam is welded together by hand. This completes the forming of the profile and guarantees its long term strength and durability. Finally any additional components are fixed to the profile. The product is now fully formed and ready to be installed into its final application.

    Cold rolled profiles can be used in a wide variety of applications, from earth moving equipment to shelving and racking from office furniture to solar farms.

    To summarise Metsec Engineering Products offers:

    • A complete design service using the latest software and modelling techniques
    • The latest 3D printing technology for prototyping
    • Bespoke in house design and manufacture of all roll tooling
    • Custom roll formed profiles from 0.5mm up to 6mm in a variety of grades and finishes
    • A range of secondary processes, including bending, drilling, and laser operations

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