Wall Furring

Dry Lining - Wall Furring

The Wall Furring section offers a practical, cost-effective lining solution that meets the needs of fast-track building methods by replacing the wet trade alternative. The sections can be used in combination with a range of Gypsum wallboards and thermal laminates to line reasonably dry and protected brick, block and concrete backgrounds.

Features and Benefits

  • Site line to line boards
  • Lining new masonry walls for domestic or commercial use
  • Lining old masonry walls which have an even background
  • Quick and cost effective to install
  • No mechanical fixing is needed with standard wallboard
  • Suitable for fixing all types of plasterboard
  • Easy to fit
  • Quick installation to cover problem walling

For more information or for details of your nearest stockist please contact us on +44 (0) 121 601 6075 or drylining@metsec.com.