British Standards

  • Fire

    BS 476:1987

    Fire tests on building materials and structures

    Part 20

    Method for Determination of the fire resistance of elements of construction (general principles)

    Part 22

    Method of determination of the fire resistance of non-load bearing elements of construction

    Part 23

    Method for the determination of the contribution of components to the fire resistance of a structure.

    BS EN 1364 - 1 : 1999

    Fire tests on building materials and structures

    BS EN 1365 – 2 : 2000

    Fire resistance tests for load bearing elements

    Part 2

    Floors and Ceilings

  • Acoustics

    BS EN ISO 140-3 :1995

    Acoustic laboratory tests on elements imperforate partitions.

  • Mechanical

    BS5234 - 2 : 1992

    Partitions (including matching lining)

    Part 1

    Code of practice for design and installation

    Part 2

    Specification for performance requirements for strength and robustness including methods of test.

  • General

    BS EN 14195:2005

    Metal framing components for gypsum plasterboard systems - Definitions, requirements and test methods.

    BS EN 10346:2009

    Specification for continuously hot-dip metal coated steel.

    BS EN 10162:2003

    Specification for cold rolled steel sections

    BS EN 520:2004 + A1:2009

    Specification for plasterboard excluding materials submitted to secondary operations


    British Standard code of practice for dry lining and partitioning using gypsum plasterboard Back to - British Standards


    Part 1

    Internal and external wood door sets, door leaves and frames

    BS EN 13964:2004 + A1:2006

    Suspended Ceilings - requirements and test methods

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