Steelwork Contractor Responsibilities

In order to be able to CE mark the fabricated structural steelwork that they produce, steelwork contractors are required to declare performance to the system 2+ level of assessment.

This requires them to undertake:

  • Initial type-testing of the product
  • Factory Production Control (FPC), which will include:
    • Implementation of FPC system procedures
    • Appointment of a responsible welding coordinator (RWC)
    • Implementation of welding quality management system (WQMS) procedures
    • Further testing of samples taken at the factory in accordance with the prescribed test plan

They must also be assessed by the notified body that will carry out:

  • Initial inspection of the manufacturing plant
  • Initial inspection of the FPC
  • Continuous surveillance, assessment and approval of the FPC, which will typically include:
    • An annual audit to ensure continued competence to the declared Execution Class (Table B.3 of BS EN 1090-1 sets out minimum levels for routine surveillance intervals).

The notified body will then issue an FPC certificate and welding certificate identifying the Execution Class that the steelwork contractor has achieved.