Distribution Trunking Reducers

Cable Trunking Reducer

Cable trunking reducers are available in sizes from 225mm x 225mm to 50mm x 50mm.

Lids are attached by turnbuckle fixings, with screwfix and tamperproof fixings also available.

Materials and finishes available are mild steel pre galvanised as standard and powder coated to order.

  • Reducers

    Cable Trunking Reducer

    Fixing Options

    • Turnbuckle type e.g. TTR/100/100/TO/050/050/PG
    • Screwfix type - add “S” after the first T
      e.g. TSTR/100/100/TO/050/050/PG
    • Tamperproof type - add “M” after the first T
      e.g. TMTR/100/100/TO/050/050/PG3
    Width 1 (mm) Width 2 (mm)
    50 x 50mm 75 x 75mm 100 x 100mm 150 x 150mm
    75 x 75 TTR/075/075/TO/​050/050/PG N/A N/A N/A
    100 x 100 TTR/100/100/TO/​050/050/PG TTR/100/100/TO/​075/075/PG N/A N/A
    150 x 150 TTR/150/150/TO/​050/050/PG TTR/150/150/TO/​075/075/PG TTR/150/150/TO/​100/100/PG N/A
    225 x 225 TTR/225/225/TO/​050/050/PG TTR/225/225/TO/​075/075/PG TTR/225/225/TO/​100/100/PG TTR/225/225/TO/​150/150/PG