Distribution Trunking Product Range

Metsec cable trunking systems are designed as a complete system with a range of easy fit accessories. Integral connectors are included for all fittings as well as fixing bolts. These connectors include pre tapped holes avoiding the need for nuts and washers. Trunking straight lengths come complete with coupler and fixing screws.

Metsec lighting trunking utilises the same accessories as the standard trunking range, but straight bodies are available in numerous length configurations. Clip on lids are available for this range in both metal galvanised or white plastic.

Straight Lengths

Cable Trunking Straight Lengths

3m lengths of cable trunking from 50mm x 50mm to 225mm x 225mm

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Cable Trunking Bends

45° & 90° bends with various lid configurations

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Tees & Crossovers

Cable Trunking Tees & Crossovers

Tees & crossovers with various lid configurations

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Cable Trunking Reducers

Reducers for the Metsec cable trunking system

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Cable Trunking Lids

Turnbuckle & screwfix lids

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Cable Trunking Accessories

Accessories for the Metsec cable trunking System

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