Cable Tray Load Tables

Safe working loads are represented graphically as shown and are based on the cable tray being continuous over four spans or more. Deflection has been limited to SPAN/200 generally, based on the end span condition as the worst case. Deflection will be less than this on internal spans. However, on wider trays, additional deflection will be induced locally across the base of the tray, depending on the width of the tray and the load distribution across the width. This will not be detrimental to the structural performance of the tray but may need consideration if appearance is of prime importance.

  • Non-return Flange - Light Duty

    Light Duty Cable Tray Loading Graph

  • Return Flange - Medium Duty

    Medium Duty Cable Tray Loading Graph

  • Return Flange - Heavy Duty

    Heavy Duty Cable Tray Loading Graph