In 2004 Metsec commissioned a survey through the Carbon Trust that highlighted 9 areas to focus on to give quick wins noticeable improvements with minimal investment all with under 4 years payback, but most being under 1 year.

  • Improve energy management (action plan developed)
  • Reduce supply capacity charge on electricity (reduced by 500 kVa)
  • Improve control of factory heating (Introduced an energy management system with zoned heating controls)
  • Improve energy monitoring and targeting (Energy reductions targeted and actioned on an annual basis)
  • Switch off equipment (auto switching of equipment introduced)
  • Improve compressed air controls (variable drive compressors installed)
  • Use energy efficient lighting (75% saving on energy for factory lighting and a 67% saving on energy for office lighting)
  • Improve lighting controls (Lighting control system implemented to auto switch factory lighting)
  • Replace inefficient boilers (all inefficient boilers replaced with BAT boilers)

By 2006 Metsec had addressed all the areas highlighted through the Carbon Trust survey and during a follow up survey it was noted that we were one of the few companies using the carbon trust to have not only completed all the items on the action plan but carried on to tackle other areas. The CO2 saving is equivalent to the energy used by 2,400 average houses (per year).